My best ever Aurealis Express – 7 reviews!

April 2011 Aurealis Express has seven of my reviews in it to wit:

Shadow, by Will Elliott

Eona, by Alison Goodman

The Undivided by Jennifer Fallon

Slave of Sondelle by Bevan McGuinness

Thyla by Kate Gordon

Road to the Soul, by Kim Falconer and

Arko and the Vortex Voyage by Julet Blair

If you like them, leave me some comments plz!


Ninja Nemesis story read with Scottish Accent

Here’s the address of Ion Newcombe’s new podcast, which has my Ninja Nemesis story on it read by me!

Review of the Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart

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Explanation of bog

Pookey's piccy

Pookey's piccy

You may be thinking in your smartypants way that there is a typo in my blog title. Not so! Pookeys are bog dwellers back in Ireland. THIS Pookey wot is blogging at you now was making do with a long-drop dunny in WA  – see Nasty Brutish and Short: six sickening stories by Crisetta MacLeod for the full story. Then I discovered the extra joys of bugging Crisetta and following her every move, as well as tripping her up and ruining her every project. So – I now live in a virtual bog, or blog, if you want to be pedantic about it. Pookey’s BOG – see?

The magical oud

Last night She went to a fabulous concert at Trinity Grammar. The brothers Tawadros gave a great recital on oud and Egyptian tambourine. Elder brother  Joseph is a virtuoso on the oud, playing his own compositions. He explained about the Arabic scale which uses quarter tones, and because the oud is not fretted it is capable of great flexibility, like a violin or cello. He also told us a bit of the history – the lute is a descendant of the oud, its name originally being al’oud.  His right hand technique was amazing, playing trills and runs with incredible clarity. Younger brother James played a solo on the Egyptian tambourine, making it sound like an entire rhythm section. the telepathy between the two of them was beautiful to hear and to watch, as they sat there unassumingly producing a huge variety of rhythms and sounds. This was like a chamber music presentation, intimate and friendly, and Joseph spoke to us about his compositions in a way that helped us understand the new sounds in each one. She sat there in a trance of enjoyment, and I, the Pookey, for once didn’t feel like disrupting anything at all. I was enchanted too.

I think I’m going around in circles here

Pookey’s Takeover

Pookey has taken over this blog. He will say whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases.